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Secure Online Patient Forms for Health Care Providers in all Specialties
Appointment Request, Patient Registration,Comprehensive Health History,ROS, PFSH and Privacy Notice, Automated Notification Service, Secure Retrieval Control Panel

Secure HIPAA puts your patient forms online.

You send us your forms and add any additional health questions that you'd like to include. We do the rest.

Quickly improve your office workflow with online patient registration. Providing secure online forms where patients can enter their insurance data and health history prior to the appointment saves time, increases the accuracy of the information obtained and improves the overall quality of care.

Our online forms service is HIPAA compliant, patient friendly and cost effective.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted in August of 1996.

The Privacy Rule, as well as all the Administrative Simplification rules, apply to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and to any health care provider who transmits health information in electronic form in connection with transactions for which the Secretary of HHS has adopted standards under HIPAA.

For more information about HIPAA and for clarification of the Privacy Rule, you should go to

You do not have to have a website in order for patients to access and use your online forms. See the FAQ for details. An added bonus is that the service is economically priced for even the smallest practice!

These forms and services are also available at no additional charge: An appointment request form, your Privacy Statement, automated notification service for 5 staff members with a free secure email account if you need it, and a secure retrieval control panel

Benefits to You as a Health Care Provider:
More complete and detailed patient information
More efficient use of staff
Improved patient satisfaction and retention
100% legibility since information is not hand written by the patient
Time savings results in additional revenue from seeing more patients
Better documentation for coding and protection against malpractice
Simple activation -- provide your forms and we set everything up for you

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